Multi-Cervical Unit

Traditional techniques of treating neck pain often provide only temporary relief. Function Fit Rehab’s multi-cervical unit (MCU) is designed to increase cervical range of motion and strength in order to restore neck function.

The MCU is the most comprehensive cervical spine evaluation and rehabilitation system in the world. It provides a thorough and objective evaluation of the cervical spine and the neck muscles. Then it prescribes a series of neck-strengthening exercises to resolve the underlying cause of your neck pain.

Unlike massage, acupuncture and decompression, which do nothing to strengthen muscles, the MCU offers a restorative approach.

Here’s how it works:

  • The MCU is a digital system that evaluates and records the patient’s cervical spine movement and isometric strength. Evaluations take about 1 hour to perform.
  • The patient’s strength and range of motion is accessed, and a report is generated
  • The MCU recommends a therapy program precisely tailored to suit the patient’s needs
  • Strengthening sessions last 20-30 minutes and are conducted 2 times per week for 6-12 weeks

“The goal of the MCU is to achieve total restoration to the neck musculature, offering long term results” says physical therapy department Dr. Danny Song. “With the addition of the MCU, Function Fit Rehab will be able to offer sustained results to patients suffering from whiplash, muscle tension headaches, general neck pain and pain associated with cervical disc compression.”

For more information about Function Fit Rehab’s Multi-Cervical Unit, please contact our physical therapy department at 858.202.1546.

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Neck Strength and Range of Motion Improvement with
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